Cut Like a Razor Blade | Sylvie Fleury

I first came across artist Sylvie Fluery after seeing a photo of her massive razor blade sculpture. Upon researching her a little more, I started to remember seeing her work around- like her designer shopping bag sculpture. Born and based in Geneva, the artist is known for her She is known for her mises-en-scène of glamour and her take on consumerism and and superficial beauty.


Sylvie_1 Sylvie_2 Sylvie_3 Sylvie_4 Sylvie_5 Sylvie_6 Sylvie_7

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Falling for Felt

Now that ‘polar vortex’ has become a part of New Yorkers’ vernacular, it’s time to get serious about winter dressing – and nothing really seems cozier and more vortex-ready than what’s quickly becoming the fabric of Fall/Winter 2014. From bags to footwear and everything in between, fashion’s falling hard for felt. Here are a few of my felt favorites. xN


1. SKAGEN | Felt Watch

2. RYAN ROCHE | Felted Cape

3. BYRD AND BELLE | Ipad Sleeve

4. CELINE | Orb Clutch with Flap in Grey Felt

5. MARNI | Stripe Tote

6. KEDS | Champion Felt Lace-up Sneaker

7. CELINE | Small Tie Handbag in Navy Blue Felt

8. EUGENIA KIM | Georgina Fedora

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Handheld Pets

It may be the pending arrival of Nancy’s new puppy, or the fact that I’ve been traveling so much i don’t get to see my little Frankie as often…whatever it is I am craving a new furry friend. But I’m thinking something a little more low maintenance than another dog. Something a little more portable like a furry clutch. From designer to high street there are tons of options for a furry pet that you don’t need to walk.



1. SIMONE ROCHA | Kisslock Shearling Purse
2. SHRIMPS | Pablo Faux Fur Clutch
3. ZARA | Faux Fur Clutch
4. PROENZA SCHOULER | PS Elliot Fur Clutch
5. H&M | Faux Fur Wristlet
6. KARA | Shearling Pouch

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Something on my FEIT

Being pregnant all Fall has left clothing shopping quite dull so I have (a bit obsessively) filled the void of buying new yummy knits and highwaisted trousers with garbing my feet. Shoes are quite literally lining the walls at this point. So when my husband asked me what I wanted for my push present and my response was “shoes” he looked at me as if I had lost my mind. Fortunately he is also in the business of making quality clothing and accessories so when I finally showed him FEIT, the neoluxury footwear and accessories company based in New York, he took a few scrolls through the website and nodded his head with total approval. They may quite honestly be the most beautiful shoes I have ever seen.

FEIT was founded by Australian brothers Tull & Josh Price in 2005 and all products are handmade in limited volumes to ensure minimal environmental impact and maximum quality.  They are driven by the desire to develop the world’s first neoluxury footwear company. Neoluxury is an evolution of consumerism away from excess towards quality, sustainability, and individuality. FEIT is their vision and the culmination of 30 years of industry expertise. 

Have a look below and you will understand that every push will be worth every step I take in these gorgeous shoes. I will be one happy mama with some very well dressed and blessed fe[i]t. Yours, C


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BU Wood

I’m normally more of a oversized slouchy bag sort of girl, you know the kind that has a Mary Popins style satchel that contains her whole life. But these large bags of mine really lend themselves to things getting lost in there, and them carrying those things in there around for weeks. No joke I bought new printer cartridges and stashed them in purse instead of getting a shopping bag and then spent then next 2 weeks walking around with my purse full of ink cartridges. This is not only 1. Impractical  and 2. very heavy. With my shoulder and back frequently aching due to the massive bags- its time to search for smaller options. A cute little bag that lets me carry only the essentials- phone, wallet and a lipstick…no ink cartridges, no 10 lipsticks and 3 pairs of sunglasses weighing me down.

Upon reading my morning Moda Operandi email i discovered the adorable little candy color jeweled bags of BU Wood. Inspired by classic hard box trunks, the BU bags have both a vintage look, and one that is totally minimalist and modern. Crafted out of poplar wood, each bag is then hand stiched and covered in Italian calfskin and finished with brass hardware and a numbered stamp. While the traditional round shape is adorable, the Moda Operandi exclusive square bag with a strap is just killer. Get them now on Pre-Order on Moda Operandi now till Nov 20th.



BU_DOUBLE BU_stack BU_collagePhotos | Moda Operandi & BU Wood
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Somethings on Trends | Fall Neutrals

I have been obsessing over this painting by Melbourne based painter Esther Stewart called “Backwards Barbie”( more to come on her later this week). While I’m not entirely sure what the painting has to do with Barbie- forwards or backwards… it’s the colors in the painting that really get me going. They are the perfect neutral Fall color palette. I’ve never been much of a yellow person-since it makes me appear even paler than usual…but when it takes on a more autumnal shade like mustard it becomes almost a neutral. Matched with your everyday staple beige and a soft blush…the yellow becomes absolutely wearable. Here are my favorite picks !



“Backwards Barbie” by Esther Stewart
1.ASSOULINE | Brancusi New York
2. FINDS | + Tak Ori St. Moritz Mohair-blend Beanie
3. ZARA | Ribbed Sweater
4. BLUMA PROJECT | Lolo Necklace
5. VIVETTA | Granpa Oversized Faux Fur Coat
6. GOLDEN GOOSE | Super Star Sneaker
7. ECKHAUS LATTA | Faux Suede Button Down
8. ZARA | Furry Wallet
9. TENOVERTEN | Mulberry Nail Polish
10. NORMAN | Angle Cushion
11. POSTALCO | A6 Printed Notebook

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